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How Does Artificial Intelligence Fit into Cannabis Cultivation?

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Grit Daily report

In a clandestine, 40,000-square-foot cultivation facility in northern Arizona, we met with the founders of CEAD, Royce Birnbaum and Adam Klaasmeyer, a company that develops artificial intelligence applications for the cannabis industry.

These two are no strangers to innovation. Birnbaum, the lead back-end developer for the project, has had a career in developing systems for monitoring nuclear reactors for the Navy and AI technology for the defense industry, while Klaasmeyer, the front-end developer and coder, has contributed to projects for companies such as Atari and Microsoft.

The CEAD technology currently being tested at a cannabis research and development center in Arizona monitors operational and environmental systems including plant nutrition, growth rates, life cycles, and predictive pest outbreaks. In addition, it keeps a log of all movements made by the cultivation team and gathers data in regards to specific feeding and pruning schedules.

With AI and machine learning, one can now predict the exact density of a particular crop by analyzing specific data, giving the significant advantage of forecasting and preventing common issues, such as mold and fungus due to specific environmental conditions. This would enable a profound new level of control and data analytics for the cannabis space, all from an easy-to-use interface. It would provide a significant platform for interpreting the extreme nuances that relate to each of the thousands of strains being cultivated and give cultivators the ability to further isolate the benefits of the plant.


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