Our Organic Hemp biomass quality standards

Thanks to the hemp strains carefully selected and qualified extraction solutions, our products are a reference point for Cannabinoids based products. Our hemp derived raw materials are suitable for industrial application such as food supplements, pharmaceutical ingredient, high-quality cosmetic formulations, e-liquids.

As a quality standard, it is important to assure the absence of degradation products, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, growth enhancers, and pest control chemicals.

Starting from selected hemp strains, we offer the safest, highest quality and controlled hemp extracts having a standardized cannabinoids profile of end products.

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About Hemp Cultivation

Knowledge & selection

Our organic Cannabis Sativa growing methods and an accurate selection of plants allow us to obtain high-performance strains with high cannabinoid yields, each offering different suitability for CDB-rich products.

Our Hemp plants are:

  • Cultivated in external field
  • GAP certified
  • Organically growed in Italy
  • GMO free
  • Strains selected from the European Certificated seeds catalogue.
  • The more suitable Cannabis Sativa female plants .
  • Monitored during all procedures frrom planting, growing and harvesting all the way to storage and transportation.
  • Harvested at the more suitable time, to guarantee the highest final content of cannabinoids.
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