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Our Philosophy

This path stems from the hemp plant, from which are born natural elements rich of surprising characteristics, recognized in the third millennium as bearers of well-being and support for man.

The basic ingredient is Cannabidiol (CBD) which international scientific literature has discovered to have very high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties capable of taking care of the skin and body, starting from everyday gestures.

The most versatile and natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory given to man by the hemp plant which is a true elixir of youth.

“Seeing a plant born and transformed into something for our well-being is the true strength  of Nature”

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Our History

Leonardo Mondadori in love with Puglia decided to buy the Masseria Lamacoppa which was built in the sixteenth century as an operational center to manage the countryside, but at the end of the eighteenth century it was transformed into a villa.

Since it has been owned by the Mondadori family, Masseria Lamacoppa has welcomed the most varied and well-known Italian and foreign personalities: intellectuals, photographers, writers, writers and artists.

Lamacoppa is the perfect environment to talk about art and culture, or even to remain silent.

Immersed in a landscape of exquisite rural beauty dotted with centuries-old olive trees, enchanting gardens, ancient woods and old-style trulli typical of Puglia, it is an oasis of tranquility, where the stress of modern life melts away and the passage of time is marked by the rhythm of the seasons.

On dark summer nights, without the pollution of electric lights, a star-studded sky is revealed.

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Today in this enchanting land, the Mondadori family has dedicated hectares to the cultivation of industrial hemp. Starting from selected hemp varieties Lamacoppa Leaf Sciences offer CBD / CBG raw materials of the highest quality with no psychoactive effects.

Our hemp based raw materials are suitable to be used as ingredients in a plurality of industrial products, in according to the regulations in force in the various countries of destination, can be used in food supplements, pharmaceutical ingredients, high quality cosmetic formulations, veterinary products , liquids for electronic cigarettes etc.

Masseria Lamacoppa

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Premium CBD products

Masseria Lamacoppa is made of history, culture, it is a special refuge furnished with cultured and eclectic taste. A place out of time and full of love that tells of people, history, nature, traditions and places where you can breathe the authenticity of Italian culture capable of moving the whole world and offering unique sensations. A Country that never ceases to amaze with its breathtaking landscapes, its lifestyle, between sea and sun, traditions and flavors.

All this gives us a unique sensory experience that we wanted to convey in our products. From this special place comes our line of 100% natural products Made in Italy, which tell stories of beauty and uniqueness linked to the love for Italy, Puglia and its wonderful nature.

Entering in Lamacoppa world means sharing an ancient tradition, aesthetic sense, refinement of flavors and suggestions, in perfect harmony with the environment, the health and taste of people.

We’ve fused our passion to natural remedies, dedicated to the conscious beauty of the third millennium along with the expertise of our seasoned team of professionals, boasting over two decades of experience in crafting exceptionally potent, entirely natural, and cruelty-free products!

Premium CBD products with hemp oil and other natural extracts have been developed, to offer a real oasis of well-being and pleasure, through the benefits of nature.

All the CBD products developed by Lamacoppa Leaf Sciences are carefully followed in all its phases, pampered and loved in every detail: from the choice of high quality raw materials, to design, quality control and packaging.

Conceived with respect for the environment and eco-sustainability to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.

Our Hemp Quality Standards

Thanks to the hemp strains carefully selected and qualified extraction solutions, our products are a reference point for Cannabinoids based products. Our hemp leaf derived raw materials are suitable for industrial application such as food supplements, pharmaceutical ingredient, high-quality cosmetic formulations, e-liquids.

As a quality standard, it is important to assure the absence of degradation products, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, growth enhancers, and pest control chemicals.

Starting from selected hemp strains, we offer the safest, highest quality and controlled hemp extracts having a standardized cannabinoids profile of end products.

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About Hemp Cultivation

Knowledge & Selection

Our organic Cannabis Sativa growing methods and an accurate selection of plants allow us to obtain high-performance strains with high cannabinoid yields, each offering different suitability for CBD-rich products.

Hemp Plants are:

  • Cultivated in external field
  • GAP certified
  • Organically growed in Italy
  • GMO free
  • Strains selected from the European Certificated seeds catalogue.
  • The more suitable Cannabis Sativa L. plants .
  • Monitored during all procedures frrom planting, growing and harvesting all the way to storage and transportation.
  • Harvested at the more suitable time, to guarantee the highest final content of cannabinoids.
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