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alt="Yourskincare001 Anti aging Face Cream"

Yourskincare001 Anti aging Face Cream

CBD Skin Therapy. Anti aging Face Cream rich of natural origin active ingredients. It quickly supplies anti-aging ingredients to the skin barrier.


alt="Yourskincare003 Face Mask Ultra-Hydrating"

Yourskincare003 Face Mask Ultra-Hydrating

CBD Skin Therapy. Face mask rich in oils of natural origin. Deeply nourishes the skin by restoring the lipid barrier.


alt="Yourskincare002 Dry Oil Body and Hair"

Yourskincare002 Dry Oil Body and Hair

CBD Skin Therapy. 100% natural Dry oil for body and hair with a light texture rich in precious natural oils.Thanks to its antioxidant it promotes the health of skin and hair.


alt="best painkiller CBD Cream for muscle and joint pain relief"

Best CBD cream | Intensive warming effect for Muscle and Joint pain relief | Made in Italy | 100ml

Best CBD cream Natural warming strong effect with 10% Arnica, 5% Devil’s Claw and 1000mg CBD


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Entering Lamacoppa’s sphere means sharing an ancient tradition of aesthetic sense, refinement of flavors in perfect harmony with the environment, health and a general sense of wellbeing for all.

"True quality is always found in the simplest and most natural processes"

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