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Facial Treatment Mask | Golden CBD Daily Skin Care Mask

Facial Treatment Mask | Golden CBD Skin Care Mask 100% Natural. Deeply nourishes the skin by restoring the lipid barrier. Helps the skin regain its ideal hydration level in just 10 minutes. Intensely moisturizes the skin leaving it fresh, smooth and toned. Effectively reduces irritation, signs of fatigue and swelling.(500mg CBD)

The Cannabidiol (CBD) we use is a COSMOS certified raw material.

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Why Choose CBD skin care products?

The way CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system allows your body to support itself by regaining balance or homeostasis. In other words, when using CBD skin care products or hemp skin care products, your body is given the tools it needs to heal. While in contrast, most modern treatments seek to block or severely alter the way our body is supposed to work. The way CBD works is one of the primary CBD benefits for skin. This non-intrusive, non-toxic, all-natural compound creates a foundation for healing without interrupting your body’s natural processes. But that’s not all.

CBD is non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and offers a natural alternative to traditional skincare products that force you to compromise your wellness routine. So, is CBD good for your skin? Considering all of this, who wouldn’t choose CBD for skin support?

What Does CBD Do for Skin: CBD Skin care Benefits

Now that you know how CBD works and why you should choose CBD, you might be left with one question. Is CBD good for your skin?  What does CBD do for skin? Here, we’ll break down both these questions and go over the top nine CBD benefits for skin that you need to know.

Many people know about CBD skin care for acne because it is one of the first things that pops up on a Google search about the benefits of CBD on skin. But there are so many more potential health benefits to using CBD for skin healing support and daily skincare than that. So let’s go through the top nine benefits of CBD for skin.

 Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Research shows that CBD may have an anti inflammatory effect due to its anti inflammatory properties. Anti inflammatory skin benefits include reduced redness, swelling, and irritation. Considering these potential properties, those struggling with inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis, may benefit from trying CBD for skin inflammation.

 Acne Management: One of the most well-known potential CBD skin care benefits is CBD skin care for acne management. Acne is a common skin condition generally resulting from a combination of factors, including excess oil production, inflammation, and clogged hair follicles. Studies show that CBD may regulate the production of sebum. Sebum is a natural oil needed to maintain healthy skin, but sebum overproduction leads to acne. The natural regulation of sebum could reduce acne breakouts.  

In fact, acne management is a common reason people try CBD skin care products for the first time. Because if preliminary research is on the right track and CBD regulates oil production, using CBD skin care for acne management and managing inflammatory skin diseases, skin conditions, skin irritation, and other health benefits is a promising option. As always, consult your board certified dermatologist or primary care physician before using CBD for specific conditions.

Moisturizer: The natural oils contained in most hemp skincare products provide moisturization and are enhanced by CBD. Moisturization is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and elasticity. Moisturization is also critical for preventing dryness, especially in the colder months. Using moisturizing CBD for dry skin is one of the most essential steps of any good skin care routine.

Antioxidant Potential: CBD is also believed to have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage and pollutants. Antioxidants play a crucial role in helping you maintain healthy and well-nourished skin. Using a CBD infused product as part of your skin care routine supports neutralizing free radical damage and provides essential protection for your skin.

Sensitive Skin Relief: One of the most common skin problems is sensitive skin. Topical CBD skin care products soothe skin irritation and reduce redness, providing relief for those with skin sensitivities and skin conditions. Most hemp derived CBD products contain other ingredients and essential oils with healing properties, which also support sensitive skin relief.

Support for Skin Disorders: CBD provide support for people who struggle with skin problems and inflammatory skin conditions. Most CBD skin care products contain essential oils and other soothing ingredients that provide relief. However, CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory properties potentially play a role in supporting these healing properties as well.

Aging Support / Wrinkle Reduction: CBD’s potent antioxidant properties help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, supporting general skin health and appearance.

 Relieving Properties: Some CBD skin care products have soothing properties that temporarily relieve everyday aches and soreness. So, if you’re looking for skin care support and relief, look to see if CBD is one of the primary active ingredients in the product. 

 Gentle on Your Skin: CBD is generally considered to be gentle and well-tolerated by most skin types. So, CBD products offer the perfect alternative to traditional skincare products if you have skin sensitivities.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil In Skin Care?

Applying CBD Oil directly to the skin is simple and fits easily into your daily routine.  CBD Oil skincare products give the benefit of targeted delivery exactly where it is needed and are helping users with conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

How Do I Include CBD In My Beauty Routine?

You don’t need to add products to your beauty regime – simply swap out your regular face, body and hand cream products for those containing CBD.  For sensitive skin, try adding a few drops of CBD Oil to your regular cream.

Is it safe to use CBD cream during pregnancy?

CBD has been shown to have various health benefits, including reducing anxiety and muscle pain. Therefore, CBD cream is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy. However, it is essential to talk to your healthcare provider before using CBD cream or any other CBD product, as there is limited research on the safety of CBD during pregnancy. 

When it comes to taking CBD cream during pregnancy, bioavailability is the name of the game.

Bioavailability refers to the leftover amount of an active compound that the body can use once it has been metabolized by the liver. Vaporized CBD demonstrates the highest bioavailability — followed by sublingual and oral products.

With topicals like CBD cream, it’s very difficult to measure their bioavailability because theoretically, none of the CBD reaches the bloodstream. The cannabinoid doesn’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin unless it’s a transdermal product.

Instead, CBD interacts with the cutaneous endocannabinoid system, specifically with the CB2 receptors.

If you were willing to risk using a CBD-containing product during pregnancy, we would advise creams.

Again, before you purchase any CBD product while pregnant, speak to a doctor so that you can whey the risks and benefits and make a well-thought-out decision.

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